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Volunteer Opportunities

We have many volunteer opportunities for people with different skill sets and time commitments. We encourage you to look at the list below and think about which opportunities might fit you best, then fill out our volunteer application at the bottom of this page. We will reach out to you to discuss further.

The following are Freedom Cry projects and their respective volunteer needs:

Restoration Bags

Anyone can donate new items to the restoration bags project at any time. Refer to the Restoration Bags page for more.

Hope's Hearts

Hope's Hearts is a community art project for the purpose of reducing youth vulnerability to human trafficking and spreading hope and encouragement in the community through art. Anyone can volunteer to help create Hope's Hearts wind chimes at any time. 

NEED: Hope's Hearts makers, Hope's Hearts transporters

Trial Attendance

We are raising up a team of concerned citizens to attend the trials of traffickers to stand in solidarity with their victims as they testify in court. It is traumatic for victims to remember their treatment and have to face their traffickers in court, so we want to ensure they know there are people on their side supporting them. Anyone can volunteer to do this when trials are scheduled. We regularly post updates on trial schedules on our Facebook page and via email. 

NEED: Team leader, trial attendees


We have a team of people who monitor key areas in the community for human trafficking activity in cooperation with the Sheboygan Police Department. They do not engage with traffickers and are simply there to observe and report.

NEED: Surveillance volunteers

Major Sporting Events Outreach

Human trafficking always upticks during major sporting events, and the major golf tournaments in Sheboygan are no exception. We are raising up a group of volunteers to educate local gas station, fast food restaurant, and hotels employees on trafficking indicators so they can be on the lookout for victims during sporting events. This would also include updating missing person's posters at these locations (many trafficking victims are missing persons). 

NEED: Team leader, Community outreach volunteers

Community Awareness

The first step to prevention is awareness. We want to educate as many people in Sheboygan County as possible on the issue of human trafficking by doing awareness presentations at events, schools, churches, and other community organizations. If you have a knack for public speaking or engaging with the public at a table with information, this is for you. There is also opportunity for radio appearances.

NEED: Presenters, people who would like to inform attendees at events what Freedom Cry is and does


If writing and communication is your thing, this is your team. We do website, social media, and newsletter content and design, document design, marketing, public relations, and internal documentation, policies, and procedures. There is also opportunity here for website designers, graphic designers, and video professionals. 

NEED: Writers, communicators, document designers, website designers, graphic designers, video professionals, marketers, advertisers, social media gurus, public relations professionals

Prayer Warriors

Join this team to get up to date info on our biggest prayer needs as we go about this important work. Get email and/or text updates and get your prayer warrior hat on. 

NEED: Prayer warriors


We need a team of people to head up fundraising. Researching fundraising events/sources. Writing grants. Leading fundraising events. If this sounds like you, we would love to have you! 

NEED: Team leader, fundraising event volunteers


Volunteer Application

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